1000 Sq Ft Steel Cabin on Stilts: Delta Shelter







“This 1,000 square-foot weekend cabin, basically a steel box on stilts, can be completely shuttered when the owner is away. Situated near a river in a floodplain, the 20’ x 20’ square footprint rises three stories and is topped by the living room/kitchen. Large, 10’ x 18’ steel shutters can be closed simultaneously using a hand crank.” (Source)

Even more photos and information available here.

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  1. Well, as a design project I might like it. I guess they wanted the house to look like a Frank Lloyd Wright homage: a Weltzheimer Residence roof, on top of the Price Tower. On the other hand, if I would be hiking in the beautiful forest and suddenly I’d see a structure made of five rusted 20′ containers stacked as a post-apocalyptic machine gun/observation tower or outpost for protection against a zombie invasion, well, I’d sure be pissed off. We’ve got more than a fair share of abandoned industrial structures – and each of them is pretty like a poke in the eye! And don’t come with suff like: “Steel is the only material 100% recyclable!” Yeah, right … at what costs?
    Anyway, the silver lining is that after reading this article, I will enjoy more reading the other ones in the newsletter! So, hope is not lost (completely)!
    BTW, which would be the price for building such a contraption (including transportation, permits for hurting Mother Nature and so on … Don’t answaer, it was a rethorical question … All the best to all of you, TH people!

  2. Wow, Mugur, here I am thinking this fellow can build whatever house he jolly well wants to on his OWN land, but no! You, critic at large/hiker, would be pissed off to see his house–that he had built on his OWN land. Why don’t you try this: stay off his property. Then your tender sensibilities won’t be all hurtied.

    1. Well, ushie, thanks for your piece of advice! You got a good point here (which I’ve missed!) – it’s his property!
      And if it is surrounded by trees , we won’t have to look at it – and besides that, why would I be hiking in a floodplain? Just to risk being confounded with a bear and getting shot?
      Anyway, my main observation was regarding the architectural style in that specific location. Best regards to you!

  3. My parents just lost EVERYTHING in Hurricane Matthew and I am looking for a home to be built that will withstand the future floods, as well as be a safe home for my parents in their golden years. Im having a hard time finding contractors willing to build such a small home! My parents built their house in 1979, and never planned on leaving. Thank goodness for flood insurance, but now we gotta REBUILD! I live in the Seattle area, and am here to assist in the process. If you guys know of a reputable builder near Jacksonville, Florida who would enjoy a project in the swamps…Ive got a job for you!!! xox from the swamp

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