144 Sq. Ft. Tiny House for the Homeless


Anytime I see people on a mission to design and build tiny houses it makes me happy. Whether they’re doing it for themselves or for the better good of this world. In this case students at Emily Carr University of Art and Design are on a mission to help a homeless person in Bowen Island and the house was built using a $10,000 grant from BC Housing for the Bowen Community Housing Association. The home is ready to live in but they are still sorting out legal issues in order to get it moved and used. The most amazing part about it is that for the price of one normal house we would be able to build 10 tiny ones that can potentially help folks that are in need. Read the original article here.

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  1. Sadly the homeless are only that because the small housing they need is made illegal to drive the poor away.

    That said this is rather large for the homeless though being in BC they might need more room in winter.

    All the homeless need is a patch or ground, say parking space size and a bathroom to use. They’ll take it from there.

    I lived outside most of my life though rarely homeless. But I was smart enough to get a sailboat. But the homeless could make their own shelters rather inexpensively by making a handcart bed, something like the 1 person bike Gypsy wagon many would be quite happy in if they could find a rental space.

    As a handcart gives far more rights too. Personally I’ve found it quite cheap, easy to not be homeless if one thinks at all. But there is the rub as many don’t think well thus why they are homeless.

    I use to build very tiny, portable homes for my homeless friends and rarely cost over $100. Many were small boats they legally lived on the water in.

  2. Jerryd I would love to hear more about your micro tiny builds for the homeless. I was considering to do similar.

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