32′ Tiny House on a Trailer Design: Can you live in this?

32' Tiny House on a Trailer

Image: Wet Coast Tiny House

A few days ago Denham and Eileen shared their latest 32′ tiny house design with the public on their blog. Last week I introduced you to their project with this post and this video.

These two are staying really busy with this project and I can see them finishing it up soon so I encourage you to continue following their progress here or at their blog.

Vote for your favorite Tiny House Interior Layout

They’re also looking for your votes to help decide on how they’ll end up designing the interior of their house. They’re proposed 5 different layouts for you to check out and are asking for your vote here.

French Doors and a SWEET Front Porch Design

Also- they’ve added a nice french door to the house which you can see here. I also enjoyed their front porch design that they shared on this post.

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  1. I think I could definitely live in this home. We are a family of four, plus a couple of fur-kids, so this design seems the
    most compatible with our life as I’ve seen. I can’t wait to see more of this home!

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