506 Sq. Ft. Solar Powered Silo House



Photos by Chris Goodney

“The corrugated steel cylinders of Silo House are both a nod to the grain elevators of upstate New York and a key component of its solar thermal system. Its three silos/rooms (living room, bedroom, kitchen) flank a square courtyard, and a photovoltaic canopy hovers above the whole. More than 150 Cornell students worked on Silo House for the 2009 Solar Decathlon, and it is now a private residence on Martha’s Vineyard.” (source)

“Silo House puts on a clinic in how to decorate round rooms, and gives another answer for the perennial question “Where should I put the bed?” With a few turns of a hand crank, this platform bed disappears into the ceiling. The bathroom is in the hallway between the bedroom and kitchen, whose center island contains a sink, stove, convection oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher—and can be converted into a large dining table.” (source)

More information directly from Cornell University on this silo house is available here.

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