Photo Credit: Perfect Little House

I know it’s just a sketch but isn’t this really such a perfect small house for many of us? It’s called The Tamarack.

It’s a total of 727 square feet of living space with a 210 square foot patio. As large as it may seem relative to tiny houses, it’s only a one bedroom one bath. But it seems really spacious.

Set out in what looks like to be a peaceful environment right by the ocean. You could go to sleep to the sounds of the waves or enjoy the fireplace outside with your close ones.

The kitchen and living room downstairs and all seem spacious enough to be more than comfortable living for you and your family or for when you have visitors.

The upstairs room houses the bedroom and what looks to be a study/working area. It’s all one large open space though. So I guess if you really wanted to you can divide the upstairs and have two bedrooms.

If I could change anything it would be add an upstairs balcony into the design. How about you? By the way you can see more photos (including the floor plan) and learn more on this house here.

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