Deek’s $300 “Shroom Room” Micro Cabin in VT


Photo Credit Derek “DEEK” Diedricksen

This is one of two micro cabins that were started at one of Deek’s workshops on his property in Vermont last year. He recently went back to do some finishing work on it the other weekend. AND I wanted to be sure you were aware that he’s hosting another hands on workshop over at his home/backyard near Boston. Really worth it if you can make it..

On the shroom room micro cabin you can get more pics and info on it here at Deek’s original post on it. If you want to attend his next hands on workshop near Boston get the sign up info here. If you don’t already own Deek’s book, check it out here.

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  1. Dimensions of “Shroom Room?” The 12’X24″ w/porch is beautiful. The “pet peek” is an attractive, functional feature for big folks as well as the dog. Is there anyone who would like to put on a workshop on my acreage in East Kentucky. I would love to host one of these shindigs — if there is a teacher.

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