Ever Consider Adventuring in a Houseboat?

Luxury House Boat

Thought I’d share this pic for those of us who have or imagine themselves adventuring in a houseboat. If you are into this you might also enjoy this 550 square foot houseboat.

It’s something I’ve yet to give a try and would love to hear your opinion on it from those of us experienced or that have thought about trying it out.

Do you think it’s more of a vacation type of thing or could you see yourself living out of one for a serious portion of your life?

Maybe it would be cool to go escape out in the summer with your portable ocean house.

Well I’ll be waiting to hear your thoughts down below.

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  1. Been there done that. Try a 30 foot sail boat. About 130 ft2 living space after you subtract the bow locker and the rear cockpit area(outside). Did it for a few years. Must be very carefully buying anything :-). BTW it mobile and goes anywhere on earthe there is navigable water. Try it you will like it.

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