Ever Thought About Full-timing in a Class B RV?

RV in Capital Reef

Here’s a wonderful shot of a class B motorhome in along the road in Capital Reef national Park in Utah.

This is another way to live tiny and if you’re the type of person who wants to travel a lot than this might be a smarter choice for you than a stick built tiny house on wheels.

It’s easier to get around in but definitely doesn’t feel as homey as, for example, a Tumbleweed Tiny House, Four Lights Tiny House, or a Tiny Home Builders home.

So what would it be for you? A motorhome or a tiny home on a trailer? And why?

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  1. I live in the house I grew up in – it is a 1959 10 X 55 Smoker Mobile home – like any home if you take care of it it will last and not look like garbage. I also own the land it sits on with an over sized 2 car garage. It’s located in Federal Heights CO. All the mobile homes here are well kept up with nice yards. I would highly recommend looking at older mobile homes or site built houses if the house on wheels with a loft or an RV isn’t your style. I am a real estate agent and sell these type of “Cozy Homes” for a living.

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