Financing Available for Tennessee Tiny Homes: Would You Get a Loan?


>>> FINANCING AVAILABLE <<< You gotta live in Tn, Tx, Ar, Fl, La, or Al and have a credit score in the upper 600’s. Im still working on financing for the rest of y’all!!! Message me for details or to get started!! I know that this kind of goes against the grain of the tiny house movement but paying off a house in 5 years for 500 a month is still pretty darn cool!!!” (source)

Would you get or at least consider a loan for your tiny house? If so, I’m curious, why or why not? Please let us know in the comments.

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  1. In a heartbeat! I live in Texas currently. Would we have to stay in one of those states once we got the loan? These are so portable!

  2. Love Tennessee. A close friend and I each have a friend in TN and we hope to plan a road trip in the next year or two when we can afford it. We will be stopping by TN Tiny Houses! Maybe I will even have the rough draft of my Spectacular Small Scale Living Design Book done. I would love a loan 🙂 Unfortunately, I would not qualify 🙁 After 3-1/2 years of unemployment and then the recent loss of the part-time job I had for the past 3 years, I only have my Social Security income and my credit score has taken a nose dive. My rent is $760 not including utilities and there is nothing left after paying that. Apartments in the $500/mo. range around here are not habitable (dirty, moldy, drafty, etc.) I would live in my car first. But a tiny house of my own I would love and I could afford it if I could get a loan but cannot save the cash in my current situation. I would even be content with a shell that I could finish as money (and sale prices) became available for the interior.

  3. Would I get a loan for one of these tiny homes? Yes! In a heartbeat!!!! I live in Mississippi and in the country. I’m disable and live on a fixed income…would not move to any of the states listed. (Use to live in TN and hated it.) My rent takes 5/7th of my income and I live from month to month…with a lot of month left over. This would be a blessing.

  4. Yes! I would get a loan to get a Tiny house! The payment on my Mazda6 was over $500 a month for 6 years. I have no home of my own. I am living with my daughter otherwise, I’d be homeless. As soon as SS goes through I am building or buying but I will have one. On the front of my house I will have a sign the reads ” Someday Finally Came”!!

  5. Sounds good, but have to consider a $500 a month payment and where to park it and what the cost would be. I guess relatives or friend would let you park at their place it could work out. I enjoy the tiny house ideas. I own my single wide mobile home and only pay $250 for park rent which includes water, sewer ,trash and plowing. One big thing that stands between me and leaving here is that I have two cats who have to be kept separated at all times! That would be a little hard to do in a tiny home. I have been thinking about relocating and Tennessee is one of three places on my maybe list. I also have two porches, one for Zippy that is enclosed and one for Apache that is screened in. I think you have a good idea/product and financing possibility is a wonderful thing to offer your customers. If I were to build a home I don’t think it would be something safe.

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