Garage Tiny House with Water Collection


Photo Credit Unknown (Found Here)




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I love a small house like this because of the garage, the elevation and the upstairs balcony. Plus in this case you’d be collecting your own water.

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  1. how dare they clear all that woodland…then play birdsong for all the displaced birds and freaked out deer. not a tiny house but another selfish venture costing the earth

  2. The kitchen could use a lot of improvement. Just because the house is tiny doesn’t mean the kitchen shouldn’t be fully functional and allow room for canning and provide adequate storage.

    The door to the deck from the kitchen should be moved to the right so a full height pantry could be put beside the fridge. The upper kitchen cabinets should be custom and extend all the way to the ceiling to increase season storage. A butcher block top island on casters would add both work space and storage. A stationary island with barstools for eating is another possibility.

  3. @elfn Have you ever considered the homeowners may WANT everything just the way it is ? After all, it is their house. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the inner plans and layout is subjective. Perhaps when you build your own Tiny House, you could incorporate the things opposite from what you don’t like on/in this house . Just a thought.

    1. It looks like a kitchen a non-cooking guy would put together. I find it inconceivable that someone who actually enjoys cooking would want to live with such an unattractive and dysfunctional kitchen. With a small amount of forethought, much improvement could have been realized. JMPO

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