Inside a Small, Modern Bathroom


Photo Credit Unknown

What are your thoughts on this tiny, modern bathroom design?

For most tiny houses, it’s probably a bit too big. But if you’re building a foundation house, this could definitely work.

I find it interesting because it’s the first time I’ve noticed a toilet installed in a corner.

Then you notice that everything is cornered including the sink and shower.

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  1. I love this design; it’s compact yet meets all spatial needs. One thing I would change is the door(s) on the shower. I would have a sliding door. It would have to be molded into the arc shape required, but it would slide from side to side as needed. This would eliminate the room needed for the door(s) to swing open.

  2. It needs a towel rack, a place to put extra TP in case you run out at an inopportune moment, some other solution for the shower doors to swing open, and a bathmat. I hate stepping out on the floor. I’m not sure how a bathmat would look in the middle of this bathroom.

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