Italy’s Smallest House? Living in 75 Sq. Ft.

Italy's Smallest House

Think you can comfortably live in 75 square feet? Probably not. But with smart design choices like I’m going to show you here you might be able to do just that. Heck, you might even WANT to! That’s what happened to me after I discovered the art of tiny living. Here’s how less means more in a situation like this:

  • small utility bills
  • low rent
  • quick cleaning
  • more freedom!


A Little History on Italy’s Smallest House

The most amazing part about this super tiny home in Italy is that it was originally built in the 1700s. It’s said to have been used in the 1930’s as a one room residence. But after that it was pretty much unused up until 2010 when Pierazzi, the current owner, got a hold of it and turned it into what I consider architectural magic.

With Kids?

As long as you’re not married with children, you can actually consider a living arrangement like this. If not, you can still enjoy the same benefits for you and your family in a small (not tiny!) home.

When the Pierazzi and his wife had a baby they decided to move out. But they still own it, let friends stay in it and occasionally rent it out. I hope we can see it on Airbnb soon!

Tour of Italy’s Smallest House

Walk inside from the entrance and you’re in the kitchen.

From here you can walk straight to the back to head over to the bathroom.

Or you can go upstairs and use the sleeping loft that also doubles as a living room thanks to the futon and wall mounted flat screen television.

And that’s it! That’s the complete tour. See more here.

Italy's Smallest House


Images: Matteo Rossi for Yahoo! Finance

More on this Teeny Tiny Apartment at Yahoo!

Learn more about this incredible tiny house in Italy over at this article on Yahoo! Finance. There you’ll also find many more photos of it.

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  1. I don’t see any windows but there appears to be good lighting. The white walls gives it a more open, airy feel. I am always amazed by the attention detail in European design. It makes such a difference in any size space but especially small ones. We could use many of their ideas & make some stunning tiny homes. I don’t see any storage, so I’m not sure where clothing would be kept.

  2. I think the frig is under the cook top or under sink. not sure since they do not show it. I would have to have a few windows. But with all that said, I love the floor plan. Would love a copy of the floor plans.

  3. If you all would click on the “Yahoo Finance” link you would discover why it is virtually impossible to have windows.
    I like the mixture of the rustic and the modern with how the ancient walls and rafters are slightly exposed throughout the structure. On the table it looks like they are getting ready for some soup for the soup spoon is on the correct side of the place setting. I do not think I could ever get accustomed to any of the TH”s displayed on these websites that the decor is an “all white” motif. I do like planning they put into the floor plan.

  4. I’m missing something here. How do they get to the loft. The stairs go to a solid ceiling which even if it is a trapdoor, would open under the bed

  5. It does not have windows but if you go to “source” it will take you to a set of photos. In one of these photos you will see a gray curtain that covers the entrance door. I speculate its because it is a glass door which would serve as a window also. It also shows the kitchen area followed by the storage areas on both sides.

    If you take a careful look at the photo from above looking down on the first floor you can tell it is a very tiny apartment with incredible use of every square inch. I do believe it could be 75sqft.. And yes there is something to be said about details in European designs, simply spectacular.

  6. what about going to the toilet in the middle of the night? you cannot if the futton is opened..also i didnt see the fridge (which may be under the bed area. and of course you cannot have friends there.. too tiny..

  7. Good point talyaklm. I want to know if there is a shower in the bathroom. The bathroom seems pretty big for the sq ft they have. I have the same cabinet, but I don’t see how it can fit in a bathroom. A lot of this is from ikea too.Great use of space!

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