La Casita Tiny Home on Wheels: Would You Live in this one?


Photo Credit Charleston Tiny House

Don’t forget to take a peek inside below. I love this tiny house because of the simple design and the dormers up in the loft to help make it feel more spacious up there. I also like how they used custom built furniture in the living area. This always seems to be the best way to go.


What’s your favorite part of this tiny house? And do you think you could see yourself living in it happily? I’m curious to know!

For more photos and info on this house go here. You can also find a more recent post on this house over at The Tiny Life.

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  1. Bad wasted space entry and why so narrow? Looks like under 6′ wide inside.

    If the door was in the center you could have seating/beds on each side for 5 more seats vs the one and table shown.

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