Little White Cabin: Simple Living with No Mortgage


For me this is what tiny house living is all about. I love tiny houses on trailers but even better I like the idea of having a small plot of land with a foundation structure to enjoy the simple life in. A place to call home and to own it out right. No mortgage. Pure freedom.

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  1. Shed roof cabins are super easy and inexpensive to build but you do lose the loft space in a single level design.

    Good for people with less building experience and low snow load areas.


    1. Lamar Shed can have more loft space with less overall height, just depends on how high and steep the roof is.

      My shed roof 12×12′ cabin has 2 12′ lofts, 1 on each side, but I just use them for storage, what they are best at.

      But the other question is who really needs a loft.

      1. I don’t consider it a loft unless you can stand up in it and most lofts are only good for kids beds or storage. My 14×14 cabin has a full loft with 7 feet of head room and adds 200 sqft of living area for a queen size bed, large office and lots of storage space. It did not cost anything extra to build the loft and side walls are maintained at standard 8 feet.

        In a shed roof style like the cabin pictured you would have to build higher sidewalls to get head room in a loft and that means more expense and in some areas you would need a permit for any structure with sidewalls over 10 feet and it takes more engineering.

        If you are going for maximizing the living space a traditional roof with a loft gives you a lot more room than a shed roof design at a lower cost in my opinion.

  2. Jerryd,
    I’m with you. I’m a pretty in shape 55 year old but want nothing to do with most sleeping loft designs I’ve see. Love the no mortgage and like the house but I’d love to see inside and see a simple floor plan.

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