Log Cabin on Wheels with Covered Porch For Sale ($3,500)

Pinned on August 20, 2013 at 4:12 pm by Alex

Log Cabin on Wheels with Covered Porch For Sale ($3,500)





“One-of-a-kind dual axle log cabin trailer with porch. This is your chance to own something NO ONE ELSE HAS!!! It will attract attention. It always has for me. Built out of landscape timbers. Wired for electricity inside with 8 outlets and 2 overhead lights. Trailer wired and roadworthy. Includes 12V chest type refrigerator which works great.
Need to sell as have decided to travel around America and will no longer need this unit.” (Source)

I think this is a great deal for just $3,500, how about you? It’s located in Raleigh, NC in case you’re interested. See the original listing here for the seller’s contact information.

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jerryd says:

I like it. I’ve always wanted to build one like this from landscaping timbers which are regularly on sale for $2 each. Though I was going to saw them in half with the flat on the inside screwed to post uprights because I’m cheap..

Though heavy I wouldn’t want to tow it much. Though this one looks like it can be lifted off the trailer for a permanent TH .

Andrey says:

Not sure if it’s a good idea to have a log cabin on wheels (log separation due to movement/bumps)

Mugur says:

Why, oh, why did he have to make the tiny house with that huge porch (pun intended!)? He should have made a (full-size) tiny log cabin on trailer with a fold-out porch. It’s such a waste of space!
However, I love the looks of it – it’s like a real home to come back to in the evening, after a day of hiking in the woods, just to crush the bed and get caressed by the matress/mistress.
Upon a second look, it looks like a house fit for a movie! You know, the movie with the intelligence-challenged but musically-endowed boy with a banjo, in a soon-to-be-flooded area. I bet the house-on-wheels would have been useful when the levee broke!

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