Modern Space Saving Wall Desk for Tiny Homes?


I’m excited to share this modern wall desk that might work great for a lot of us who still want a desk in a tiny house or any other type of small space. A lot of times in micro apartments and cabins there’s just not enough room for a dedicated office. I think a wall mounted desk looks better, especially in a multifunctional living space. Another option is to simply use your table as a desk. This way you don’t have to have two similar pieces of furniture. But some people still might want to consider something like this.

Learn more and consider ordering one for yourself here. MSRP is $547 but check current price here.

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  1. Using the vertical space is always a good way to get the most from a given amount of floor space, but I would be inclined to just wall-mount the rails that have a lot of slots to put the supports into for shelving. The friend who helped me put these up in my office commented on the strength saying, “You could sleep on that– although I wouldn’t recommend it!” I did not finish the wood to make it look particularly nice though.

    Using a table for a desk doesn’t work very well if you have a lot of papers and things you need there at once, as it becomes a lot of work to put it all away to eat and get it all back out later, etc.. Been there, done that.

  2. I like my computer armoire with 2 nested pullout desktop extensions. It has tons of storage space and expands for use then you can just roll them back in and close the doors on whatever state your papers are in. You can leave a fairly high pile on each of the pullouts and still get them back in place, plus there’s a permanently set shelf above those for more stuff and cubbies above. Lots of room for a laptop, textbooks, papers, whatever. There are two file drawers on one side that you can pull out and set papers on too. I tuck the chair away beside it when not in use or can pull it up to the table. I set 3 large storage baskets on top of the armoire for extra storage too.

    Unless that wall mounted shelf folds up out of the way you’ve pretty much killed that space for anything else without adding significant storage. It’s always going to look messy if you leave your stuff all over it and there goes your clean modern look. I know for sure I’d end up smacking my hip into it at some point too. I’d rather have a folding table I could tuck away when not needed than a desk like this but I’m sure it would be just the thing for somebody else.

  3. Alice H.: I’m completely with you on this, and I’m looking for a computer armoire. Haven’t found the right one yet. Did you make yours, or is it a commercial item? I don’t believe I’ve seen anything that matches your description.

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