Murphy Style Bunk Beds: Meet the Ledo



This unique murphy bed style bunk bed is available in maple, cherry and white melamine. It’ll cost you, though, at $3,822 USD with mattresses included. Wall mounting is required for safety. Unfortunately there is no railing in the top bunk so these are NOT suitable for children. I couldn’t help to think that this design is great for a multi-functional bunk guest bedroom in a tiny house. Maybe this would fit in the downstairs bedroom of the Tumbleweed Lusby?

I think these would also work well in a backyard structure that you might normally use as an office, hobby room or hang out. This way when guests do come over they can have a place to stay with some privacy. So it’s a neat way to turn any room into a multi-functional bedroom of sorts. And it could probably work in a tiny home on wheels too. What do you think?

Get more info on these “flying beds” here.

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