One Really Dreamy Small House

A Really Dreamy Small House

The Village House shown above is a small Danish vacation home with a one of a kind “five fingered” floor plan. In a way, it’s also shaped like a star. In the center lies the dining table and I love this. Each inhabitant gets their personal space on one of the five ends of the home and everyone meets up in the middle for good food and get togethers.


At 1184 square feet it’s not really THAT small to me. But to many it is. And to those with families and constant visitors this could be just the right size. For me? Not this big. Not yet anyway. But I love the design and concept. How about you?

Interior of the Village House

Learn more about this house and see more photos here (just continue to scroll down when you get there).

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  1. So, every corner, every valley, every finger busts whatever budget you have – ie. great design if efficiency, cost savings, and excessive materials consumption are not issues. The money is in the corners (think time and materials).

  2. love the creativity of this design. cool that dining was determined to be the central hub. i have to admit that this is almost 200sq ft larger than our current home. as lamar will note, all those un-shared exterior walls are energy vampires! when you add up the running feet or exterior wall and straightened it out you could have had a lot more house inside those same walls and have something that is energy managable.
    i hope there is a water catchment system, not to be green, but because this is a runoff nightmare. inside corners are a problem anyway, much more so with these acute angles. water that overflows the downspouts will do water damage on the opposing walls.
    so… high marks for creativity, a few minuses for practicality. they are not alone though. many other cementers on tiny houses have criticized the tiny porches with overhangs for those same energy reasons. so you just have to balance out what you can deal with for maintenance and energy consumption, oh, and water damage. 🙂
    keep showing us cool stuff, you do that well.

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