Shipping Container Tiny House in Bonaire


Thought you would also like this shipping container to tiny cabin conversion over in Bonaire.

I absolutely love the way they did it. It looks like they used two containers but my favorite part is the outdoor space that wraps around the structure.

That’s where I’d spend most of my time. Enjoying the views and the fresh air.

For more info and pics on this shipping container project click here.

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  1. The best part is the roofover or you’d be cooked like a turkey in an oven. A closed container can get to 200F in those latitudes and in the southern US.

    But set up like this with the roofover is great for there.

    Personally I think containers are best as underground homes needing no heating or cooling in many areas. You can’t bury things in Fla but was thinking of piling sand around and on top of one/two and plant the hill for a no heating/cooling unit at lowest cost..

  2. I like this idea Jerryd. A container dug into a hill and the dirt piled on top! I have a spot for that and maybe when the time is right I may just look at that concept.

  3. Hi, I am Eric and the builder (owner – sold it last year) of this prefab. They are not containers but Containix units and totally insulated. Besides there is 95% of the year about 20 knots wind to cool the sunheat (30 to 35 degrees Celsius) and at night it was almost cold for my liking (20 – 25 degrees) but wind going underneath and above the structure was how I planned it.
    If I get some new property my next house will be a single 20ft container with large partly enclosed porch. Again also on stilts… it keeps the termites and other bugs away.
    Thank you for your shown interest in my prefab.

    1. I know this is a very old post but was wondering if you were still building on Bonaire. We are looking to add something like this to our property and would love to talk to you about it. Email is [email protected]. Thank you.

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