Spacious And Simple Small Cabin in San Juan Island

Weaver's Studio Exterior

Photo by Jay Goodrich

Architect: Prentiss Architects

This 1250 square feet cabin was built in 2010 with cedar cladding and metal panels. I like how they used light and dark colors for accents. The cabin seems to blend in nicely with its surroundings with a modern, natural look.

“The clients, a professional weaver and her husband, nearing a full-time move to San Juan, requested a studio space which would house all of her weaving tools: looms, dying facilities, a sewing/assembly area, and an office. It would also act as a gallery for her work as well as a meeting space for her weaving guild meetings, and in addition to the weaving studio requirements, the clients also requested an overflow bedroom for guests.”

More photos and information are available here.

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  1. Nice contemporary/modern design!

    Not exactly tiny but still a good size for a small cabin. I like the double glass door but would be better for moderate climates.


  2. Nice!! The big workshop shown is exactly my style with a TH on the other end.

    Being able to live where you work saves so much time/money and the taxes you paid on that money, it’s hard to beat as you only need to do 1/3 the work for the same money in your pocket.

    By the time you add up the costs to work, taxes, etc you are making less than 50% of your salary take home.

    So just work at home and keep it ;^P

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