KitHAUS Tiny Modern Cabins and Backyard Offices

KitHAUS K2 and K3 modules connected to make Tiny Home

Image: KitHAUS

KitHAUS is a modular prefab housing company based in LA. They make great tiny structures for backyards, campgrounds or to live in full-time.

These can be guest houses, backyards offices, pool houses and more. The company offers six different variations of modules ranging from 100 square feet to 289 square feet.

All units are customizable and very versatile. This means you can connect them together, combine two different modules, and more. So you can get pretty creative.




Images: KitHAUS

Pricing starts at just under $20,000 and goes all the way up to more than $75,000 for the larger units. Learn more here.

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60 Sq. Ft. Cigar and Whiskey Man Cave




Our home like many in the neighborhood is small. Our home of thirty years is 800 square feet. Small, cosy, two bedroom, one bath a working class home built in the 1930’s. My hubby needed a space for having his cigar and whiskey where the smoke wouldn’t be a nuisance. Here is the 60 square foot solution created with a number of reclaimed windows and door. It is a sunny, dry place to enjoy a few friends and the expansive back yard no matter what the weather is. Three comfy chairs and a couple of ottomans fill the space. I think the next one built needs to be a craft space for myself.

Super Modern Office Would Make Even Better Tiny House


Source: Smalldog Imageworks/Dwell Magazine

Isn’t this just amazing looking?

I think it would be an awesome tiny house but this one is actually used as an office for Smalldog Imageworks.

What do you think about these modern/futuristic looking designs? I find them very intriguing and appealing to the eye.

Check out many more pics including the interior here. Don’t you agree that it’d make for a one of a kind tiny home? I wish it were that instead of an office. But it’s still so cool!!

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Tiny Backyard Garden Cabin


Photo credit The Natural Gardener

Wouldn’t it be great to transform this backyard garden cabin into a tiny house with a micro kitchen, upstairs sleeping loft, living area and a bathroom?

Do you think you could make all of that fit in there? I could see it working as long as everything is relatively small and some areas can also be multifunctional.

It would make it a bit more challenging if you decide not to use an upstairs sleeping loft because then you have to come up with a solution for a bed downstairs with limited space.

You can maybe use a murphy bed, pull out sofa, a futon or maybe even a bunk bed. More information on this structure here.

Indonesian Style Wooden Micro House

Wooden house in traditional Indonesian style

What are your thoughts on this wooden Indonesian style house with a front terrace.

This photo was taken in the Gili Islands near Indonesia according to the photographer.

It seems like it’s just big enough to have a place to sleep. Maybe a few bunks if you wanted it for the whole family to camp in.

What would you use such a tiny structure for? To camp in on the weekends, put in your backyard as a micro guest house, or maybe as a backyard shed that you can work in, meditate in, or write in?

I’d love to have it somewhere near the ocean as a place where I can write or go for a getaway. How about you?