Russian Barn Style Small Log Cabin Cottage














I just love this style of cabin because it’s a mashup of a cottage, log cabin and barn all in one. And not tiny, but small and still very spacious. Looks like it would be a really awesome place to have out in nature somewhere on your own land.

More info and pics here.

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Tiny Barn House in the Desert

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-01

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-02

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-03

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-04

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-05

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-06

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-07

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-08

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-09

Images: Airbnb

I think this two story tiny barn house with a loft is a great example of tiny house design and living because there’s no unnecessary space left in designs like this. You get what you absolutely need and nothing else. And this one is well done, too with beautiful decorations. The only downside is that in this case you’ve got a separate structure as an outhouse and shower that’s just a few steps away. And it has nice views of the mountains and sunsets next to Joshua Tree National Park.

This tiny barn is available to stay in, too. Click here for more info.

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