Mighty Sheds and Cabanas Gable Style Tiny House




The folks over at Mighty-shed seem to have perfected making tiny structures for people. They build sheds and cabanas for people who use them for various purposes.

This is their Gable Style design which is 200 square feet and features a front roof extension.

Did you know your local county building authority allows accessory 
buildings to be constructed with out a permit. The most common size max. is 200 sq.ft.(12×16) as dictated by the International Building Code. 12’x16’ structures come in under the 200 sq.ft. threshold allowing you the ability to have a large multi purpose structure constructed in your back yard or on your vacation property. Some areas allow more. Most people do not realize that they are allowed this benefit. Mighty Cabanas & Sheds can show you how to take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your lifestyle. (Source)

I really love that Mighty-shed, based out of Renton, WA, is giving people solutions to the problems you can run into with building permits when trying to simplify our lives.

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