Tiny Treehouse Bungalow with Ocean View in Hawaii



















This tiny treehouse bungalow/cabin is just 250 square feet and has a loft up top with a full size cotton futon and another full lounger below. The best part? The windows and view of the ocean.

Even the shower has a glimpse of the water. On the property you’ll find two other rental cabins along with a communal yoga deck that also overlooks the ocean.

To learn more and possibly even book your stay in this treehouse click here.

We have boards for you to use, kitesurfing, windsurfing, standup-paddle, even a kayak… and we love sharing our (30+ years) local knowledge.

The north shore features world famous beaches for surfing and spectating sept-april. Our summer tends to be calmer and swimming, sunning, stand-up paddle boarding and windsports are the call. December books up early for world championship surf contests, when the north shore is a mecca of surf excitement.

The island of oahu is a treasure trove of adventure with helicopter tours, horseback riding, kayaking, whale watching, and sightseeing. take in a lagoon swim at beautiful Waimea falls and park, or attend a traditional luau and island show at the polynesian cultural center, just 9 miles from your jungle nest. There are Bicycles for your use and a 4 mile path along the beach for that.” (Source)

Learn more about this bungalow treehouse and book your stay here if you want to.

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The Little Red Bungalow: Beautiful Tiny Cottage


Original Source: SouthPortSoundings.com

I love the look of this little red bungalow. It’s an amazing looking cottage I absolutely love the style. And it would look great in Florida. Notice the outdoor shower on the right and the classic white picket fence. I’m guessing it’s around 200 square, what do you think?

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Tiny A-frame Bungalow


I know that A-frames don’t make the absolute best use of space but you just have to love their simplicity.

And they do well in tough weather thanks to their design. Whether it rains or snows these cabins always seem to be able to endure.

If you had or already have your own land would you consider building a simple A-frame tiny house or bungalow like this?

And do you also think that most people who’s names start with A just happen to like these more than others? It has to be true..  😀

Bungalow in a Box for $18,400


Photo Credit Bungalow in a Box

Prefabrication is an interesting and cost saving way to build because all materials are pre-cut.

Since everything is already designed and some of these things can even be done by computers and machines these days, it can really help drive down costs.

I think this technology gives us a little hope when it comes to decreasing construction costs even while inflation continues to rise prices on almost everything.

Bungalow in a Box offers a few prefab solutions for housing and you can find more info here if you’re interested.

Really Small House with Solar Power and a Pool

Swiming pool and bungalow

What do you think of this tiny little bungalow with solar panels on the roof? Or are they to heat the pool? I can’t tell for sure.

I know that for many of you this might be too big. But I also know that lots of you who are reading find that tiny houses are probably too impractical.

And that might be because you want to live with others or you simply need a little more space because of your hobbies/needs.

If that’s the case, I highly encourage you to consider something just a little bit larger. This might be too luxurious, but for some of you I’m sure you’ll find it just right.

Or maybe you can start tiny and over the years obtain something like this. I’d love to hear your thoughts on tiny versus small in the comments below if you’d be willing to share.

Tiny Bungalow Resort in the Jungle of Thailand

beautiful bungalow resort in jungle, Koh Chang, Thailand

It’s always a little sad to me the fact that almost all really nice tiny houses are some kind of resort.

But at least they serve as inspiration as to what we can do with small spaces for ourselves.

What are your thoughts on this beautiful little bungalow on stilts in Thailand?

Personally, it’s right up my alley thanks to the elevation of the home and the front porch that doubles as a really nice balcony.

How about you? Would you build a tiny home like this for yourself?

Small Bungalow with Fenced in Yard

Grey small cute house with white fence and gates.

I had to share this small bungalow house with you. Wouldn’t this be just perfect for a young or small family or a couple of any age.

Looks like it has enough space for your spouse and children to roam freely and a perfect sized garden inside the fence so your dog can run freely too.

I’d like to see more “humble homes” being built and offered around the world. I think this would make our world better, how about you?