Tiny Cottage with Tower and Surrounding Deck

Tiny Cottage

I thought you’d also like this tiny cottage that’s actually designed to be a rich kid’s playhouse because it’d make for quite the awesome tiny house for people like us who want to live simply. The miniature lighthouse with a view is pretty cool too..

If it were up to me I’d probably put it up on stilts like a beach house so I can park my little car underneath. Then the surrounding deck becomes more like a balcony which I’d enjoy a lot.

The inside is just 8′ x 12′ and yes the tower does have stair access but since it’s made for kids it’s kind of a challenge for most adults to get up there. I guess we’d need to make a few design adjustments for this to work as a home but I thought the look and feel of the design was worthy of inspiration for your future small/tiny home.

Image: Burgin Lambert via Houzz

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