How to Convert your Closet into a Laundry Room

Hidden Washer Dryer with Storage

Hidden Washer and Dryer with Storage

Images: Fine Home Building

I just had to show you this closet to laundry room conversion from Fine Home Building. They actually briefly show you how to do it yourself here. In a tiny or small home something like this is a little more challenging to implement but at the same time it makes a big difference in the home’s look and feel.

Doing something like this in a tiny house might require choosing a combination washer dryer because you’ll usually have a lot less room to work with. I just really love how the appliances are hidden with the custom closet doors. And when you open them, voilà, tons of storage for your cleaning supplies. 🙂

Read the original article here.

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Tarleton Tiny House Has Great Closet Space


Photo Credit Unknown (Reader Submitted)

The Tarleton tiny house design from Tumbleweed really does have a lot of closet space for a tiny home as you can see in the photo above.

Most people’s biggest challenges when it comes to living tiny is, “where do I put my clothes?”

And the solution is to either downsize extremely or choose a design that’s right for your needs.

In some cases, it’s possible that there is no tiny house design that’s right for you because tiny isn’t right for everybody!

In that case you can always consider a small house, apartment or maybe even a Park Model instead.

But if the Tarleton seems right for you, you can actually order the plans directly from Tumbleweed here.