Building a Tiny Cob Cottage


“These are pictures from the June ’05 Cob Together comprehensive workshop given by Jim Haim in partnership with Becky Bee / Groundworks. Jim and his partner Katie are both professional educators, and it really showed in the fine planning and dense schedule geared not toward production but toward giving participants a true immersion course in cob building.” (source)

Learn more about what it takes to build a cob cottage here.

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Tiny Round Cob House: The She Cave




Photo Credits YouTube/Faircompanies

This is part of a homestead of tiny houses. There’s a treehouse, 3 cobs and a recycled small house made out of streetcars on the property. Learn more at this post.

More photos and a video tour are available here. Read the original story here. This homestead is available for sale right now if you want more info on that get it here.