Eddie’s Van Dwelling Rig: Before & After


“Before” image, below:


Cozy little interior 🙂


Storage below the bed:



Toilet and a little refrigerator for food storage:



“It’s been more than three years that I’ve been enjoying my van in every possible way; I’ve lived in it, I’ve partied around it, I’ve camped with it, I’ve transported massive amounts of people in it, I’ve travelled with it, and much more. Most importantly, it’s taught me a lot about self-sufficiency, continuous learning, and the importance of minimalism.” (source)

“As far as aesthetics go,  I felt obligated to sexify the van up a bit – especially since I’ve gotten pretty sick of the “creepy van” perception over the past couple of years – frankly, it gets pretty tiring to always have people’s first impressions be a negative one. I am aware that this exterior modifications are not on the minimalist list, however I consider my van an investment.  On the exterior I got the van painted with a full black glossy coat, upgraded the wheels to four gloss black/chrome XD Series Hoss’s, and put on four brand Firestone Destination tires. Basically, the van went from looking creepy/dangerous, to 100% hardcore/awesome.” (source)

Check out Eddie’s blog, Mobile Technology and Van-Dwelling here.

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The Prius Camper: Toyota Prius Converted into an RV!







From the information I was able to gather on this online this concept vehicle was created by an aftermarket developer in Nagano, Japan. But by now it might even be available in some areas of the world.

The shell extends the length and height of the Prius vehicle and allows you to sleep two people in the first level and another two people in the loft. There may even be room to create a convertible table/bed system as seen in many RVs.

It was unveiled at the 2012 Tokyo Auto Salon. Photo credit unknown. Original post seen here.

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From Basement to Tiny & Bright Beachside Studio Conversion















This to me is an absolute dreamy apartment. I love the white color throughout because it makes it feels more open and spacious. And I also like the location because it’s by the beach. If you know me, you know I love being close to the water.. Especially the ocean. Another reason I like this conversion so much is that it used to be a basement! And for me it’s always exciting to see people convert their garages, basements, sheds and turn them into something so beautiful, useful and functional like this. Get more info and photos on this tiny apartment studio that was once a basement right here.

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Tiny Barn House in the Desert

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-01

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-02

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-03

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-04

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-05

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-06

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-07

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-08

Tiny Barn House in the Desert-09

Images: Airbnb

I think this two story tiny barn house with a loft is a great example of tiny house design and living because there’s no unnecessary space left in designs like this. You get what you absolutely need and nothing else. And this one is well done, too with beautiful decorations. The only downside is that in this case you’ve got a separate structure as an outhouse and shower that’s just a few steps away. And it has nice views of the mountains and sunsets next to Joshua Tree National Park.

This tiny barn is available to stay in, too. Click here for more info.

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Two Trains Reclaimed and Converted into a Home in Australia




























Images: Airbnb

Even though these aren’t tiny I thought you’d enjoy these awesome train homes. To me it’s always interesting and fun to see something old still being used especially in such a beautiful way like this. These are currently used as a pretty pricey vacation spot and as you can tell from the photos you can actually sleep up to 12 people between the two trains. Seems like people have been using them for marriages and other events too. I can see it being a really fun place to have a family gathering. But this also serves as a great example of what we can do with things that already exist.

For more photos and info or to check availability in case you wanted to vacation here click here.

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Brick Warehouse to Beautiful Humble Home Conversion

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-01

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-02

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-03

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-04

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-05

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-06

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-07

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-08

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-09

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-10

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-11

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-12

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-13

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-14

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-15

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-16

1978 Daisy House in Subiaco-17

Growing up I always had a weird appreciation for warehouse conversions. In fact, I remember saying to one of my best friends how I was going to buy and convert a warehouse into my own unique home one day when I grew up. Not exactly tiny, I know, but still unique, interesting, beautiful, functional and different.

Tiny isn’t the only sort of house I like.. I seem to appreciate all sorts of alternative housing. How about you? This one is a two bedroom warehouse with two levels.

“The Daisy House is one of Subiaco’s most unique properties, being designed and hand built by award winning Perth architect Brian Klopper in 1978.” (source)

What did you like best about this warehouse conversion? Personally I’d love to live in something like this because I like how it has small space design ideas implemented into a more spacious structure. I think it’s so cool for a family. So much better than a cookie cutter McMansion.

Rent this warehouse converted house in Washington here.

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1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador Renovation

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-01

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-02

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-03

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-04

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-05

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-06

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-07

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-08

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-09

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-10

1973 Vintage Airstream Ambassador-11

I love Airstreams because they’re such a great example of what you can do with something that already exists. But not only that, if you’re like me and you like to travel on the road, this is a much better option for you than building a stick built house on a trailer because of weight and aerodynamics.

But this particular Airstream doesn’t usually go anywhere. It sits in the backyard of a home in Ashland, Oregon and is available as a vacation rental. So I’m not sure that they’ll let you tow and go with it!

Rent this Airstream here.

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