All-in-one Furniture: Entertainment Center, Bedroom & Office in one




Architect Nicholas Gurney did something very creative in this small apartment to make better use of the limited space. One piece of furniture serves as an entertainment center with storage, bedroom, and even office. And there are even bookshelves and drawers too. How would you like to have something like this in your small space?


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Space Saving Wall Mounted Table: The Spacebox by Calligaris


This wall mounted table called the Spacebox by Calligaris is a great space saver. It works in kitchens, studies and pretty much any other rooms too. It would even be great for business and art spaces too.

I found it to be an amazing design for the inside of a tiny house or cabin because you can use it in the living room to dine, work, study or write. So it works great in any small space like a micro apartment, too.

In most normal homes it would also work in a hallway, sitting room, den or living room. It’s great for storage, too, because of all the shelves. So when you’re done using everything it has its place and you can easily fold the table down so you can have more available and usable floor space. See it in action, and then out of action, below:





How would you use one of these wonderful little space boxes to make more out of your space? Or, better yet, would you take this design as inspiration and build your own version of it yourself? Whatever your plans, we’d love to read them if you’d be willing to share in the comments below. Thanks!

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Murphy Style Bed & Desk in One by FlyingBeds



I thought you would enjoy this murphy bed style desk that’s geared towards students. It’s another great way to turn any corner of a small space into a desk & sleeping area and I think this could work out pretty great in a tiny house with no loft or as a guest bed/desk in a tiny home with a loft.

It’ll cost you at $3,351 USD including the mattress. It’s made out of steel tubes and is coated in an aluminum finish. The wheels make it easy to move around. The shelves and desk are available in either maple plywood or natural melamine in Cherry, Maple, or White.

Get more info including dimensions and functionality here.

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