Another Fancy All in One Kitchen Unit for Tiny Houses


Photo Credit Culshawbell

I love the vintage charm of this kitchen. This all in one kitchen cabinet is equipped with everything you need.

Open up the cabinet and you are ready to have a tea party or cook a delicious little meal. This would be perfect in a tiny house or small apartment.

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Tiny House Living Room Idea


Photo Credit: gBlog

I love the way this living room was set up and designed inside this small space.

The L shape couch gives you plenty of room to stretch out while reading a book or to take a nap.

And you can even store a bunch of your stuff inside the couch if it’s a built-in.

I also love the built in bookshelf to not only store books but other personal items such as family photos and other treasured nik-naks.

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Rustic Tiny Cabin Interior


Photo Credit: Unknown

I love the railings and ladder of this loft bed and just the overall look and feel of the interior of this cabin. I wish that we could see more!

To me using natural materials from the surrounding environment for parts of your tiny home is not only inexpensive (usually it’s free!) but it’s also just cool and it’s good for the environment.

Personally I just love that rustic country feel.. Especially in a tiny house or cabin.

What can you use in your area to add this type of vintage all natural charm to your current or future tiny house? Have you already done it? If so, share in the comments below.

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IHop Tiny House


Photo Credit: Molecule Tiny Homes

This is yet another amazing design by Molecule Tiny Homes that recently sold for $50,000.

It is is a solar powered house and the dimensions are 8’x17′.

It also includes a fold up deck you can below that they are known for.

This picture below really illustrates the beauty in their design, wow now this is what I consider to be luxurious interior. (I LOVE the stairs leading up to the loft!)


Nice bathroom as well you can see below.


I encourage you to check out more pics of this awesome tiny house here and consider contacting Molecule Tiny Homes for your potential future little house on wheels because they’re AWESOME at this.

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Tiny Attic Studio Apartment Interior








“Formerly a rough frame over a carport, this project presented a spatial challenge for a vacation home. Working within the existing 45-degree angled roof structure, the long, narrow space was broken down into three zones to create a sense of width and flow. Great attention to detailed design makes the most of the limited space and standing area. Bunks and hidden storage are tucked beneath the eaves of the roof while skylights offer visual height. Reflecting on the agricultural setting, the bathroom is accessed by a sliding barn door. Exposed plumbing and corrugated metal walls in the open shower evoke a rustic sense of an outdoor shower.”

“Eat, Sleep, Live / Thomas Lawton Architect” 3 Jun 2013. Thomas Lawton Architect. Accessed 03 Jun 2013. <>