KitHAUS Tiny Modern Cabins and Backyard Offices

KitHAUS K2 and K3 modules connected to make Tiny Home

Image: KitHAUS

KitHAUS is a modular prefab housing company based in LA. They make great tiny structures for backyards, campgrounds or to live in full-time.

These can be guest houses, backyards offices, pool houses and more. The company offers six different variations of modules ranging from 100 square feet to 289 square feet.

All units are customizable and very versatile. This means you can connect them together, combine two different modules, and more. So you can get pretty creative.




Images: KitHAUS

Pricing starts at just under $20,000 and goes all the way up to more than $75,000 for the larger units. Learn more here.

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kitHAUS Prefab Tiny Houses, Studios and Offices








KitHAUS is a home design company out of LA that creates these fantastic prefab houses. They have six different models with the lowest starting at $25,000 and the highest going for around $75,000.

The designs range from just 100 to 289 square feet depending on the model.

The company even comes and assemble it for you upon purchase. I personally think they are just perfect as a guest house or even a backyard getaway that would make an amazing study/work area.

What do you think about these prefab designs?

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