Small Barn House: Hamra by DinellJohansson


Photo by Elizabeth Toll via Architizer

Architect: dinelljohnansson

Modern.. Yet Simple

It’s a two bedroom small house with an island kitchen in the center of the floor plan. I like that. You can see the floor plan here. In addition to the two bedrooms there’s loft space that can also be utilized. It can be another bedroom, guest room, study, or playroom for kids. Notice the staircase to the loft in the photo above. The kitchen looks great. The only downfall for me is that the bathroom and shower is separate from the house but at least it’s nearby. Learn more about this small house and see more photos here.

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Rolling Library Ladders for Tiny House Lofts


Photo Credit Better Home & Gardens (via

Not everyone is down for sleeping lofts in tiny houses for several reasons.. Some just don’t like the risk. Others just aren’t the agile anymore.

But another use for a ladder is to simply get to those out of reach places in the kitchen as shown above. Or to just access your storage loft and get things in and out of there when needed.

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Tiny Rustic Cabin with Loft in NY


All Wood Cabin with Loft in New York



Vacation in a Rustic Little Cabin or a Hotel/Motel?


I say this!


Let me take you inside…


Kitchen and Living Area


Stairs to the Loft


Outdoor Kitchen Area


I absolutely love how they’ve got the kitchen set up outside this way the interior doesn’t smell like food and it avoids all the oil build up and stuff like that which always happens over time especially in a tiny space. I LOVE this porch.

Best Tiny Cabin Porch Ever?


And I hope you noticed it’s also screened in. So you don’t have to worry about bugs and such while you’re cooking and eating out here.


Inside the Upstairs Sleeping Loft/Bedroom



Looking Down at the Kitchen/Living Area from Loft



Outdoor Kitchen with Opening to Inside Kitchen 🙂









Sleeping Nook



The Outhouse





Book your stay or just learn more about this tiny cabin here.

Small, sweet, quiet, eco-minded guesthouse and sauna perched on a ravine in the forest 1 1/2 miles from Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes Wine Trail and 3 miles from the Finger lakes National Forest. The cabin sits in the woods on the edge of my yard and gardens with my small house about 200 feet away. This is luxury camping. 

There is a screened-in porch facing the ravine set up as a living room but shares it with a shower, claw foot bathtub and gas stove. Outside, a deck with seating, fire pit (with firewood) and a clean, composting outhouse about 20 feet from the cabin. There is no toilet inside the cabin. On the inside there is a small kitchen, table and chairs and a door to wood-fired cedar sauna with an opening window to the porch/bath.” (Source)

Book your stay or just learn more about this tiny cabin here.

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Staircase to Loft with Built-in Kitchen Appliances


Photo Credit Unknown

Even though this is not a tiny house (I’m not sure how big it is, actually), I thought this could be of use to those of us who want to make the best use of our space.

Not only do I love the staircase but the appliances seem to fit in perfectly. It’s seamless and streamlined. And I think it’s a great use of space. I would love to see someone use these ideas in a tiny house somehow.

If not, it’s still a great design idea for any sort of foundation tiny or small house, don’t you think? I find it to be such a modern, clean and minimalist look. I really like it.

Could you imagine this sort of idea being cooperated into a tiny house?

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Peaceful Loft in a Small House: Ahh.. the Quietude Cabin


Photo Credit: Ken Silbernagel/Henry Yorke Mann/Stuart Bish

I just love the cozy feeling wooden interiors provides in small/tiny homes. I guess in any home, really. The look, the smell and the “vibe” it gives off I find so special.

Anyways, what do you think about the placement of this loft? I see it as a bonus loft where you can read and just chill out for a bit.

I encourage you to check out the rest of the photos here to see what a wonderful job they did on building this structure on such a limited budget of just $28,000. Not bad for a small house on a foundation if you ask me.

This tiny house is around 440 square feet total including the basement and porch area.

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IHop Tiny House


Photo Credit: Molecule Tiny Homes

This is yet another amazing design by Molecule Tiny Homes that recently sold for $50,000.

It is is a solar powered house and the dimensions are 8’x17′.

It also includes a fold up deck you can below that they are known for.

This picture below really illustrates the beauty in their design, wow now this is what I consider to be luxurious interior. (I LOVE the stairs leading up to the loft!)


Nice bathroom as well you can see below.


I encourage you to check out more pics of this awesome tiny house here and consider contacting Molecule Tiny Homes for your potential future little house on wheels because they’re AWESOME at this.

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