Handmade Matt’s Portable DIY Tiny Cabin (Video)








Matt built this cabin himself on a twin axle flat bed trailer. It has a completely functional kitchen and bathroom with composting toilet. It even has hot and running cold water. Watch the video tour below to get the complete look and feel of it, I think you’ll find it pretty amazing (I did).

The cabin has a 490watt solar system and is parked by his yurt which I think is such a perfect combination. In total he spent just about $4,080 to build it. More photos and info over here at Matt’s blog.

Video Tour

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Homebox 1 Portable Three Story Tiny House


Bed & Couch


Kitchen and Staircase from Loft



Homebox 1 Being Installed After Move


Kitchen with Simple Gravity Water System


Convertible Furniture & Sofa


Pull Out Dining Table and Front Porch


Floor Plan / Drawings


“In the size of an internationally standardized freight container a wooden container has been developed with different variants for residential uses. The box can be shipped around the world and placed with standard lifting and transport systems for containers.” (source)

This tiny house is designed to be movable so it can be placed just about anywhere as long as you can get to and from there. Another idea for these structures is to use them in groups to create permanent or temporary container villages.

So they can be used in disaster situations. But they can also be used to house students, workers and folks in desperate need of housing throughout the world.

The company decided to create a wooden container versus using recycled steel because of repair and maintenance reasons. When asked why a wooden container, here’s what the organization had to say, “Steel containers are used worldwide. But wear, repair and maintenance of steel materials are more costly (in terms of purchasing costs, welding, etc.) than for wooden materials.”

They continue by saying, “Wood structures can be repaired cheaper and easier.” In addition, “Living in a wooden home is healthier and more comfortable than one made of steel.”

What are your thoughts on this wooden container tiny house? Please share in the comments below.

Learn more about the Homebox 1 here and here. And you can visit the architect here.

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Gypsy Bowtop Caravans


double-pic-caravan gypsy-caravan







I really love these Gypsy Bowtop Caravan designs especially the interior of the one above with the bunk bed which is awesome to have when traveling with family/friends or even just as a backyard retreat/getaway with the option to vacation in.

The man behind these awesome portable caravans is Greg and here’s what he has to say about them:

I make, sell and hire new gypsy caravans built of quality seasoned pine surrounded by insulated and waterproofed tarpaulin which is tightly  tensioned around a poplar tunnel. They are built on brand new Alko caravan chassis.  Alko provides 80% of the worlds caravan chassis and they are very light and fully braked. The bowtop wagon provides a  spacious, fully mobile, easily towable, very stable and head turning wagon.”  -Greg

You can find out about these unique bowtop caravans here.

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Chalet Tiny House on a Trailer





I believe this beautiful tiny house on wheels was once for sale and it was listed online but I can’t seem to find a working link to the original post.

Either way I think it’s quite beautifully done. I really like the staircase they designed and built that helps you get up to the loft.

And although I love wood interiors, white really does look nice in tiny spaces.

It makes it feel more spacious for some reason which is cool.

So what would you redesign about this tiny house to make it yours? I would create something to protect myself from the weather in the entrance. And I would’ve made a different choice on siding. How about you?

Photo Source Unknown

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