A Pretty Shabby Tiny Kitchen


Image: Sairer/Flickr

Tiny usable kitchens are always a big inspiration for me because I love home cooked meals and I also enjoy cooking. And many times that’s a big challenge in a tiny home so I thought I’d show off this little kitchen to you today because there’s lots of great inspiration and design ideas you might be able to use here for your current kitchen or your future tiny house’s kitchen.

This one even has an all-in-one washer dryer unit. I like the open shelving because it’s great for all of those things that you use everyday. This keeps these items easy to reach and easy to find. Then there’s the green little cabinet up on the wall that I think is a great size because anything with more depth would make the space feel cramped.

Great work on this kitchen! Lots of ideas that we can take from here and try out for ourselves whether you’re in a tiny home, micro apartment or even if you’re building a small cottage or cabin.

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