Stacked Shipping Container Cabin


Photo Credit Zittel

What an awesome shipping container cabin created out of five 20′ containers.

Some of the special features of this cabin is the rooftop greenhouse and the circular skylight for the upstairs unit.

Find more photos and information on this container cabin here.

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Stay in Container City – The World’s Weirdest Building


Check out this awesome shipping container made building. I love when old junk is put to good use. I’d love to go visit this place and stay for a few nights. Yes, you can rent a room in this building. Talk about a fun experience. Explore London while you are at it.

Find this unique apartment building for rent on Airbnb.

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Shipping Container Tiny House in Bonaire


Thought you would also like this shipping container to tiny cabin conversion over in Bonaire.

I absolutely love the way they did it. It looks like they used two containers but my favorite part is the outdoor space that wraps around the structure.

That’s where I’d spend most of my time. Enjoying the views and the fresh air.

For more info and pics on this shipping container project click here.

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Shipping Container Homes


shipping3 shipping6


Source: Busy Boo

Shipping Container homes are interesting because they can be set and shipped anywhere and ng they are also very durable and hurricane proof since they are designed for protection when shipping.

These  homes from Meka World are made out of steel shipping containers and come in many different sizes starting from 320 square feet to 1280 square feet.

What do you think about these type of homes? Would you consider one, why or why not?

Hope you enjoyed, until next time 🙂

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