Multi-Story Yurt Cabin (Grain Silo) for $147k w/ 7 Acres







Image: Jennifer May for the New York Times


Image: Jennifer May for the New York Times

“Incredibly Unique & Dramatic Silo inspired Home on 7+ acres. Never accused of being ordinary, this private cylindrical house is nestled in the woods just 3 miles from Belleayre Ski Center. Inside you will find a full eat-in kitchen on the first level. As you ascend the staircase along the wall you come to the second level where there is delightful living room area complete with sleeping loft and bathroom. Continue on to the third floor to find an incredible panoramic view from the bedroom. Heavenly.. This is truly an amazing space and an incredible opportunity to own a one of a kind property in the breathtaking Catskill Mountains. Needs some TLC but well worth the effort.” (source)

More photos and information provided at the MLS listing on

Also featured in the NY Times here.

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506 Sq. Ft. Solar Powered Silo House



Photos by Chris Goodney

“The corrugated steel cylinders of Silo House are both a nod to the grain elevators of upstate New York and a key component of its solar thermal system. Its three silos/rooms (living room, bedroom, kitchen) flank a square courtyard, and a photovoltaic canopy hovers above the whole. More than 150 Cornell students worked on Silo House for the 2009 Solar Decathlon, and it is now a private residence on Martha’s Vineyard.” (source)

“Silo House puts on a clinic in how to decorate round rooms, and gives another answer for the perennial question “Where should I put the bed?” With a few turns of a hand crank, this platform bed disappears into the ceiling. The bathroom is in the hallway between the bedroom and kitchen, whose center island contains a sink, stove, convection oven, refrigerator, and dishwasher—and can be converted into a large dining table.” (source)

More information directly from Cornell University on this silo house is available here.

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Silo Converted to a Tiny House on a Farm with a Balcony


Photo Credit FlickR/Tea_Austin

What I love about small spaces is that they can come in all shapes and sizes.

And it’s always inspiring to see an old structure repurposed into a home.

In this case a silo was converted into a tiny house on some farm land that way interns have a place to stay.

Did you notice the upstairs balcony? I thought that was pretty neat!

Here’s an excerpt from the photographer:

Converted silo at the farm I visited this week. They’ve put in three stories—kitchen/bath at the bottom, office/sitting room above (where the balcony is), bedroom at the top. It’s all connected by a staircase that spirals around, and the sound of rain on the roof is lovely.

It serves as housing for their farm intern each summer. 
Yes, I was tempted to apply.