1000 Sq Ft Steel Cabin on Stilts: Delta Shelter







“This 1,000 square-foot weekend cabin, basically a steel box on stilts, can be completely shuttered when the owner is away. Situated near a river in a floodplain, the 20’ x 20’ square footprint rises three stories and is topped by the living room/kitchen. Large, 10’ x 18’ steel shutters can be closed simultaneously using a hand crank.” (Source)

Even more photos and information available here.

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Little Cabin on Stilts in Puerto Rico


Check out this elevated little cabin on stilts in the mountains of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico.

I wouldn’t mind staying there at all with all that space in the front yard.

And Rio Grande does mean big river in spanish so I guess the view over on the left of the picture is to the river, right?

If so, I would totally love the view! I’d spend a lot of time out in the front deck overlooking the water.

I wonder how big the house is… judging by the picture my guess would be around 200 square feet but what would you say?

Thanks Alberto for being thoughtful enough to take the picture and sending it over to us on Facebook!

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Tiny Bungalow Resort in the Jungle of Thailand

beautiful bungalow resort in jungle, Koh Chang, Thailand

It’s always a little sad to me the fact that almost all really nice tiny houses are some kind of resort.

But at least they serve as inspiration as to what we can do with small spaces for ourselves.

What are your thoughts on this beautiful little bungalow on stilts in Thailand?

Personally, it’s right up my alley thanks to the elevation of the home and the front porch that doubles as a really nice balcony.

How about you? Would you build a tiny home like this for yourself?

Quebec 4 Seasons Elevated Tiny House


I just think this tiny cabin is perfect.

It’s perfectly situated for privacy.

It’s elevated just enough. It’s just too bad we can’t go inside.

But you can tell that they’ve extended the space in the upstairs sleeping loft which is awesome.

And the view when you get to the front porch upstairs seems to be perfect.

How would you like to live in a tiny house or cabin like this?

Built in Québec by Vivre Perché. It’s a 4 seasons cabin with running water, full bathroom, wooden stove and a kitchen corner.

Beachfront Tiny Houses on Stilts


That’s a rendering of the new luxury beach tiny houses that are opening at a KOA Campground in Cape Hatteras.

Below you can see the actual unites that they built not long after they created and shared the rendering for the project.


My two favorite features here are in general how the tiny house is on stilts because I love being elevated.

In addition you also get “free” garage/storage space by doing this. And your home is protected from floods.

My other favorite feature is the wrap around balcony. I could enjoy the view from up there just about all day.


How about you? What do you like about this tiny house design?