Tiny Cabin in Belize

This is a tiny cabin in Belize sent in to us from one of our awesome readers. He says Belize is tiny house heaven! There are three growing seasons and even during the non-growing season you can still use a shade cloth over your garden so you can grow your own food year round!

Would you move to Belize to live in a tiny house on your own little homestead?

Our big thanks to William Simpson for sharing!

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Hidden TV: Great for Tiny Homes?


This is a pretty neat design by HvTv  I’d like to share with you because I think it could be useful for simple living.

It is very suitable because it virtually requires no space what so ever, other than some wall space.

That goes back to one of the foundations in simple living which is properly using all your available space.

In this case our television doubles as art work and therefore serves two purposes.

I also enjoy the fact that not only does it free up space, but it hides your television, which can be positive for several reasons.

Maybe the television is a distraction and not having it around will help you focus, or you like the idea of getting to watch movies while laying down and looking up. It seems more natural and comfortable this way.

What do you think about this, would you consider this for your tiny house or other small space? What other benefits do you see in this hidden T.V. design?

Tiny House Kitchen for a Tall Man


Photo Credit Tall Man Tiny House

This is a problem I’ve came across many times while communicating with others in the tiny house community and on the comments of Tiny House Talk.

“I am trying to make the cross over to simple living/tiny houses but my significant other is over 6ft, I don’t know how he will manage in there.”

I have seen many other tall/large people manage fine in their tiny house and I think it’s all about just being patient and finding or creating the right design that works for you.

And if it doesn’t work out, it’s totally okay! At that point you have to ask yourself, “what’s more important, my significant other or living in a tiny house?”

Then you can make a decision that works for both of you. As long as you really care about the person you’re with, right? People are more important than living tiny.

But anyway, the kitchen above looks suitable for Shaq himself (okay that might be an exaggeration), so none of you should let height or size deter you from pursuing simple living!

And if it is too cramped, consider going small instead of tiny. Like a park model RV or a little cottage. You might also want to read this discussion on Tiny House Talk titled, I Like Tiny Houses But I’m Not Tiny, What Do I Do?

By the way if you want more photos of this house check out this post.

Tiny Log Cabin Community


Wouldn’t this be an awesome community? The log cabins are a little too close together but I still like the general idea.

I’m sure that this is not an actual community but most likely a vacation spot somewhere. To me it’s just encouraging to see photos like this because they help me imagine what a tiny house community could be like.

And a real tiny house community should have more space in between the houses, wouldn’t you agree? Still a beautiful photo and setting though. And depending on the neighbors, I still might even consider it. How about you?

Two Tiny Houses Better Than One?


More tiny homes by Charles Finn here.

Do you think two tiny homes are better than one for your needs?

Would you be happier with a second small structure?

I would. I’d use the second one as my office to run my business from, write, etc.

This way work is separated from living. Currently I work out of my 500-square-foot apartment.

But how about you? What would you use the second structure/shed for? Would it be an office, art space, or guest house?

Tiny House with a Big Sleeping Loft and Covered Porch/Deck

Tiny House with Big Sleeping Loft and Covered Porch

This is a genius idea for permits because the main level is still less than 100-square-feet. The rest is simply a 100-square-feet covered deck and a 200-square-foot attic/loft which doesn’t count because ceiling height is less than 6′. But you must check your own local zoning codes before designing and building! Thanks for the tip I got on Facebook through Kent from the Tiny House Blog.


How to Design and Install Solar System in a Tiny House

How to Design and Install Solar Panels in Tiny Houses


Step 1: Determine How Much Power You’ll Need


“The first step in designing the solar electrical system for the Tiny House was to determine how much power and energy would be needed (the system load).  This was achieved by creating a simple table and recording each appliance, its rated power and how many hours per day it is used. ”

Learn how to design and install a solar system for tiny houses @ Tiny House Over the Hill