Wooden Yurt Octagon Cabin with Big Windows & Mountain Views



















Located in West Augusta, Virginia.

“Designed like an umbrella perched on the side of a mountain, the vaulted ceilings and glass walls let you feel like you are floating in the trees with the hummingbirds and finches! Artsy and modern yet woodsy and rustic, this is a fantastic escape from fast paced DC or Richmond city life.” (source)

View more photos, learn more and book this octagon cabin here.

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Peaceful Loft in a Small House: Ahh.. the Quietude Cabin


Photo Credit: Ken Silbernagel/Henry Yorke Mann/Stuart Bish

I just love the cozy feeling wooden interiors provides in small/tiny homes. I guess in any home, really. The look, the smell and the “vibe” it gives off I find so special.

Anyways, what do you think about the placement of this loft? I see it as a bonus loft where you can read and just chill out for a bit.

I encourage you to check out the rest of the photos here to see what a wonderful job they did on building this structure on such a limited budget of just $28,000. Not bad for a small house on a foundation if you ask me.

This tiny house is around 440 square feet total including the basement and porch area.

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Historical Quaint Cottage


Had to show you this tiny historical cottage that seems to be made out of local wood.

And if you look closely you’ll notice that the foundation is made out of stone. Which was also probably harvested locally along with the roof.

A bit too simple to be practical for most and it lacks convenient features like a covered porch but it still makes for some fun tiny house eye candy if you ask me.

Simple Living in a Tiny Cabin


Photo Credit Unknown

It’s hard to pin down the location and source of some of these awesome tiny cabins that are floating around on the Internet.

In Vermont cabins like this are actually pretty common although they might be hard to find. But just looking at a photo like this takes me to a different place.

The craftsmanship may not be perfect, but the quality of materials always makes me happy. I love seeing homes made out of real wood.

And anytime people use materials that are still in their natural state it always seems to make me smile. (Did you notice the front porch posts?)

Photos of cabins like this always make me wonder what life would be like if lived so simply?

Unique A-frame Cabin with Stone, Brick and Wood


Photo Credit Eco Painting (thank you Myriah!)

If you have any information on this cabin (or the photographer) please let us know in the comments. Thank you!

For me, tiny isn’t always the answer. Something fun, unique, usable, and enjoyable is what I’m really looking for.

I love a home that uses quality materials. Natural wood, stone, brick, I even like cement, strawbale, and cob.