Yurt Cabin in Vashon Island, Washington





I wish I could take you inside but this is all I’m able to share with you right now. This project was completed in 2009 by Richaven PLLC. They built a cabin, yurt and a breezeway to create a fully functional home of 1400 square feet. Interesting way to do. I hope you enjoyed!

“This combination cabin and yurt was designed as a multi-phased project.  The initial phase, the cabin, provided all of the core requirements for a minimum code compliant residence in a mere 232 square feet of space. The second phase included the design and erection of the yurt adjacent to the cabin.  The third phase included the design and construction of the breezeway connecting the cabin & yurt.  Richaven provided design and construction services for these projects.” (source)

More info on this project here.

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Wooden Yurt Octagon Cabin with Big Windows & Mountain Views



















Located in West Augusta, Virginia.

“Designed like an umbrella perched on the side of a mountain, the vaulted ceilings and glass walls let you feel like you are floating in the trees with the hummingbirds and finches! Artsy and modern yet woodsy and rustic, this is a fantastic escape from fast paced DC or Richmond city life.” (source)

View more photos, learn more and book this octagon cabin here.

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Solar Powered Yurt Home in New York


Solar Powered Yurt Cabin in Upstate New York


Kitchen and Dining Area







To the Bedroom






Back to the Living Area






Bathroom in a 700 Sq. Ft. Yurt




700 Square Feet Solar Powered Yurt with Deck



Book a stay in this solar yurt vacation rental in upstate New York or just learn more about it here.

“Solar powered, 700 sq ft circular tent with a 5’ skylight at the center complete with bedroom (Queen sized bed), living room (Fold out Queen Futon)/dining area, kitchen (small refrigerator, oven and cook top, sink), bathroom (sink, shower/bathtub, toilet) sleeping loft and deck. The Yurt is well insulated, has baseboard heat and a lovely gas fireplace, outside the front door is a deck with a private barbeque and nearby a private fire pit so you can sit by the camp fire and roast marshmallows.” (Source)

If, like me, you’ve also thought about other alternative structures you’re probably also interested in yurts. They don’t work very well in my hometown (Florida) but I’d definitely consider them for other parts of the world. Wooden yurt cabins are also really cool.

Book a stay in this solar yurt vacation rental in upstate New York or just learn more about it here.

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Tiny Yurt Cabin for Sale for $9,855


“Beautiful display model for sale:

20′ diameter yurt was set up at the 2013 Oregon Country Fair for a week. Features include:
Tall wall upgrade
Polyester side cover (terra cotta color)
5 windows
Standard top cover (putty color with putty valance)
Rain diverter
Solar arc
Sidewall insulation
2/3 roof insulation
French door (inward-opening)
Tinted dome
Dome opener
Fan support

Normally would sell for $10,950.00. Discounted to $9,855.00. Packing/shipping costs not included.

Call 1-800-944-0240 if you are interested.” (source)

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Modern Yurt Set up with Beautiful Deck


I thought you might enjoy this modern day yurt set up with its beautiful deck. Perfect for vacationing but also good enough for living in some climates.

This particular one was built by Pacific Yurts and is available as a rental at Thousand Trailers in Bend, Oregon. You can learn about making a reservation to stay in this yurt here.

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Brenton County’s First Yurt


Photo by Andy Cripe via The Gazette Times

This is a 20′ yurt that was built at Salmonberry Campground in Brenton County. It’s the area’s first ever yurt and is or will be available for camping along with another 20×18 cabin that’s currently under construction. They are able to build both the cabin and the yurt for about $33,000. If you’re interested in staying here you can make reservations right here. The yurt starts at around $40 per night while the cabin will run around $50 a night. How would you like to try staying in a yurt on your next vacation?

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Mongolian Yurt in a Landscape at Dawn

Dawn in a Ger. Mongolia

This photo was taken at sun rise in the Gobi desert. Have you ever considered living or maybe even just staying or vacationing in a yurt?

I have. And although I wouldn’t enjoy doing it this primitively I still find it inspiring. These days you can find American yurts with all the amenities of home too which I’ll cover in future posts.

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Traditional Nomadic Mongolian Yurt vs Tiny House on Wheels

Mongolian dwelling

This is such a beautiful photo of a traditional Mongolian Yurt.

I like the shot because it captures the beauty surrounding the yurt.

Can you imagine what it would be like to live this way?

That life is a little too simple for me, but I still find it beautiful and fascinating.

I suppose a tiny house on a trailer is a modern version of this only because it’s also mobile, right?

But a tiny house on wheels actually requires more modern conveniences like a vehicle to pull the home with.

Also most tiny homes (not all) have modern appliances, toilets, kitchens, etc.


I’d take the tiny house on wheels over most yurts any day. How about you?

By the way if you want to try out a tiny house like this you can actually vacation in this one to see if you like it first.

Tiny Yurt with Covered Front Porch

Yurt in Oregon State Park

Have you ever thought about living in a yurt? I think it’d be pretty cool as long as you had a nice set up like the one pictured above.

You have a great outdoor space even though it’s really small. Everything’s just as simple as can be. Should be easy to maintain.

Only downfall is I imagine your bathroom and shower facilities are off-site somewhere nearby. What if you had a yurt that was just big enough to have a bathroom? Would you consider living in a yurt then?

I think living in a yurt would be a pretty awesome experience. Especially because even though you don’t get many windows you do usually get a skylight to check out the stars at night. Plus plenty of natural light comes in all day through the dome skylight.