Thailand Bamboo Tiny House Resort


This is a bungalow resort in the jungles of Ko Lanta, Thailand.

It would probably be great during part of the season but during other times you’d probably have to use mosquito nets and such.

So it will be sort of like camping or glamor camping (glamping), right?

Anyways, the design is beautiful and I only can imagine how simple it is inside. The structures seem to be made out of bamboo.

Looks like it’s a pretty tight compound in the jungle and I imagine it’s close to the ocean.

I found some information on this vacation here if you’re interested in seeing more. Here’s a blurb from TripAdvisor:

The dive sites surrounding Ko Lanta are considered to be some of Thailand’s finest. An intricate system of reefs, islets, and underwater caves are teeming with vibrant sea life. While you splash in the waves you may catch a glimpse of a Moken (sea gypsy) boat, gliding nomadically through the waters.

What do you think about this type of tiny house vacation? Would you do it?

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