Tiny Camping Cabins

camping teepees

These tiny camping cabins are at a European camp site in the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

This is a trend we’re all becoming familiar with known as glamping, or, glamorous camping.

Hopefully there’s a window in the rear of the bunkhouse, but I guess it’s the sort of thing where you’re just supposed to sleep there.

And use the rest of your time to go explore and adventure, right? It really would be cool if you’re a homeowner to have one or two of these in the backyard, wouldn’t it?

Such a great way to get to have guests over and it would cost next to nothing after a few years of using it. For now the camping industry seems to be taking the idea and running with it with plenty of success.

I admit, it’s really fun getting to stay in a tiny cabin of some sort rather than in a hotel, motel, somebody’s bedroom, or pitching a tent.

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