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Photo Credit: Four Lights Tiny Houses

This is a pretty nice collage of pictures on sort of a modern/rustic looking tiny house on wheels designed by Jay Shafer.

When it comes to tiny houses I’m sure that many of us appreciate having the ability of being mobile. Especially with codes/zoning the way they are.

I personally rather build on a foundation just because I wouldn’t want to move often and would rather be able to¬†travel freely without being attached to my house.

That, and, I’d like to build a home that’s little wider than 8’6″.

But many of us feel differently and would prefer to build their tiny house right onto trailers and avoid many of the obstacles faced with building on a foundation.

What do you think about this tiny house on wheels and would you rather have a single mobile tiny house or maybe a couple tiny houses in different locations you could travel to?

Looking forward to hearing from you below.

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  1. I like both ideas actually. Then when the one “on wheels” time for roaming was up. I would already be ready for the trips around the country “seasoned time” living of staying in one place for a few months then trading places to another TH in a different season style. I would use some of the time “on wheels” for exploring and building the “stationary” ones and still have some roof overhead while building. wink! Well, what do YOU think??? Happy trails and God bless you all!

  2. Very appealing styling on these Four Lights houses. The beefier detailing seems to counterbalance the long narrow trailer-dictated shape & gives them more pleasing proportions than most of this type, I think.

    One of the complaints I’ve had about some of the THOWs (tiny houses on wheels) is that they can be, to my eye at least, just a wee bit too precious – in fact, a little too much like a child’s playhouse than a home for adults.

    I realize I’m in the minority about that & most others don’t seem to agree, but the delicately-scaled styling often seems calculated to exaggerate the Lilliputian proportions of these tiny house on wheels rather than compensate for them.

    Whereas the rustic NW/Asian arts & crafts aesthetic going on with some of these tends to convey substantiality in a surprisingly elegant way, don’t you think?

    The Marmara model at the website linked above has great presence. (Pssst, that one’s a wider park model, too, Alex, and evidently comes with optional plans for building on a permanent foundation if you prefer).

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