Tiny Log Cabin Converted to an Office


Photo Credit Rob Weiss

I want to start off by saying thank you to Rob Weiss for being thoughtful enough to send in these pics by email for the rest of us to enjoy!

Now could you guess what this awesome looking log cabin is being used for?

Well, I thought it looked like a great tiny house cabin but it turns out its being used by a towing business as you can see below.


Well, as long as they support our community and give discounts when towing tiny homes like in this post, I’m fine with them using a log cabin to run their business out of! (just horsing around, lol)

Rob also told me the log cabin is around 12′ x 16′, that looks pretty accurate to me judging by the picture, what do you think?

Once again thanks Rob for taking the time to snap and share these pics with us and I encourage more of you to do the same!

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