Tiny Staircase Kitchen


Would you ever consider a kitchen like this, built right into your staircase? In really small spaces, sometimes this is one of your only options to make the most out of it. Photo credit unknown. (Via Small Space Style)


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  1. You’d have to be very clean; you wouldn’t want to stir dust up with your feet and have it fall into food. Also, no shoes on those stairs for similar reasons! Neither should be a problem, so it’s a good use of the space.

  2. Not the best thing to put under a staircase. It is a fire hazard. A fire on the stove could spread to the stairs and prevent escape from the upstairs or loft. Closets under the stairs are useful, desk+bookshelf would be good too. Under the stairs to the loft is a good place to put stairs going down to the basement or cellar, too.

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