Top 3 Arm Chairs for Tiny Houses/Spaces

For those of you who want to make the best out of your space in tiny house or close quarter living environments I think you will enjoy my latest (sort of random) top three list of arm chairs for your tiny house, apartment, studio or backyard shed.

 #3: Baxton Studio Letterio White Cradle Chair.


  • 24″W x 23″D x 27″H
  • Very compact so fits anywhere
  • Modern and simple
  • Ash wood base
  • Steel support
  • Rocks quitely and built sturdy

I just thought this was cool because it’s like a modern/chic rocking chair that’s really small. I wonder if it’s comfortable though? You can read the reviews on Amazon on the link below. People seem to be pretty happy with it.

For more information see here.

#2: Baxton Studio Fiorenza White Plastic Armchair Set


  • 24″W x 24″D x 30.5″H
  • Great value for the money
  • Simple and modern
  • Contemporay and relaxed
  • Solid wood legs with steel support

These are great for small spaces because they’re white and the legs allow you to see through the space which helps make the chairs seem as if they don’t take up much room.

Check it out here.

#1: Casual Dining Height Director Chair


  • 24″W x 34″H 
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Made in the USA
  • Black, varnish, walnut, white and grey frames available
  • 26 canvas seat colors available

Director chairs are great because you can put them away easily, they’re comfortable, and if you get bored of them you can easily buy new covers and change the look easily and inexpensively.

Check this exact chair out in this link.

If you want to see more including a rest of the top 10 List of Arm Chairs for Your Tiny Space click here.

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