Tropical Tiny Cabin: Logs or Bamboo?

Pinned on July 18, 2013 at 12:01 pm by Alex

Tropical Tiny Cabin: Logs or Bamboo?

Photo Credit Unknown

I love tiny simple cabins like this one on normal foundations. Although tiny houses on trailers are great I honestly don’t like the idea of towing them, taking care of the tires, leveling them, and things like that. So for me tiny or small on a foundation is my preference. And this cabin is right up my alley. It’s peaceful and I really like the unique siding that they used. I can’t tell if it’s bamboo or logs. But I love the covered front porch to chill out and enjoy a tea in the morning.

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gracemary says:

pretty nice house, coming from a tropical houses where bamboo abounds, this house is ideal for me.

It’s not a house but a bungalow at Ting Rai Bay Resort in Koh Jum, Thiland.

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