U.K. Shepherd Huts Tiny House on Wheels


Photo Credit: Shepherd Hut Company

Check out the this unique design called the Shepherd Hut that is made and sold in the U.K.

It’s being sold for 17,550.00 Britain Pounds and the measures inside are 16′ long x 6′ 8″ wide.


Some of the features it includes:

  • Strong steel chassis with removable and versatile towing bar.
  • Wide steel wheels that are handcrafted and prevent the house from sinking into soft ground.
  • Wood frame with highest quality insulation and breathable membrane in the walls, ceiling and floor which allows the hut to be usable summer and winter in extremes of weather.
  • And much more you can read here.


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  1. STEEL wheels ? That’s different. Evidently not meant to be road worth. Just for moving about on dirt. I like the looks of it though. It’s different. Thanks Alex.

  2. After reading everything on their website and additional links, I am blown away by the well thought out furnishings and the great craftsmanship. Just beautiful. What a great group of people putting these Huts together.. Too bad they are in England. I would love to meet them all personally.

    1. The windows and the window hardware give me happy bumps on my arm!!! And I love the door. My friend in Bethel Maine has these windows but the hardware isn’t as beautiful and I think they are by Anderson. Love this wagon!

  3. Wagons just like these (but with regular trailer wheels) are commonly used on construction sites, as toilet facilities on fairs/festivals etc. in Germany. Since used wagons are available really cheap, many nonconformists also remodel them as tiny houses and live in them full-time: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bauwagenplatz (with pictures!)

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