What It’s Like Moving with a Tiny House on Wheels


If you built a tiny house would you want to be able to take it with you if you decided to move?

That’s why lots of people are building their own DIY tiny houses right onto trailers.

In essence, creating their very own stick built travel trailer.

For me, I wouldn’t want to move it very often. I kind of like the idea of building tiny homes on foundations instead.

Leaving some of my belongings for that area there and I can more comfortably travel without a house from place to place.

What are your thoughts on tiny houses on trailers where you move with your home versus having more than one little house in different locations?

Perhaps to enjoy different parts of the country or because of your work or career needs. Or maybe as a place to get away from it all a few times a year.

Photo credit here. Read the original article on Big Moving with a Tiny House by Logan here.

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  1. If zoning laws were tiny house friendly, I would like a foundation, but considering the present reality of legal restrictions, I would feel more at ease going with wheels.

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