Wooden Yurt Octagon Cabin with Big Windows & Mountain Views

Pinned on December 10, 2013 at 4:26 pm by Alex

Wooden Yurt Octagon Cabin with Big Windows & Mountain Views


















Located in West Augusta, Virginia.

“Designed like an umbrella perched on the side of a mountain, the vaulted ceilings and glass walls let you feel like you are floating in the trees with the hummingbirds and finches! Artsy and modern yet woodsy and rustic, this is a fantastic escape from fast paced DC or Richmond city life.” (source)

View more photos, learn more and book this octagon cabin here.

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ellen says:

Beautiful! That’s been my “ideal house” for about five years, though I’d have a bit less glass in the bedroom. Big windows conduct a lot of cold. There is a company out there that does kits of small wooden yurts that look really nice, but I don’t think this is one of theirs.

Alex says:

Thanks Ellen!

Comet says:

Gotta love the Swingin’ Sixties bachelor decor!!!!! Esp the round–um—couch!

Love the house tho and altho I am not usually a fan of black for kitchens this one is perhaps the one that could change my mind on that! I would add castors to the island tho—–and hide the TV cords and maybe upgrade the furniture—the pressed board “book case” just stands out as a cheap fill in for a real piece of furniture.

Alex says:

Good looking out Comet! I’d hide the TV cords too but yeah- looks so great overall I’d love to be in there 😀

Where are the plans and estimated costs for this home? I love it!!!

gypsy97 says:

The yurt is my all-time favorite design and I really love this one. Wish they would have included a diagram so I could visualize it in totality. I’d also be interested to know the cost of building this house.

PennyPincher says:

I love tiny houses, but now sorta switching to yurts. I can’t visualize this one either, Gypsy, but doggone, its gorgeous! And I fear not in this Penny-pinching budget!

Elle says:

Would love to see the images, but can’t get them to load. I get black blocks with the little square inside every time.

Kate says:

I think that I could stand a few months being ‘stuck’ here.

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